Bang for the buck – 5 tricks to improve efficiency in TikTok-influencer marketing

Last year total market size of influencer marketing in Finland alone grew 41% to a nearly 40 million euros (IAB Finland & Kantar).

At sakea we have an honor to work with many of the strongest global and domestic brands and with their influencer programs. That comes with a great responsibility to maximize returns on client's investment.

Since 2018 we've worked with advertisers in 200+ campaigns and learned a thing or two. Here's a few quick tips to make your influencer program and strategy more efficient:

1) Focus on strong brand and product first

Great brands and products significantly lowers cost of influencer marketing via lower influencer fees. Top influencers can choose their work and outdated brands must pay a premium.

2) Create excitement and joy

We all prefer fun stuff over everyday bread. Create something exceptional and exclusive. Something that influencers want to participate in organically. It may be a team of TikTok-influencers jumping off from airplane or you might want to arrange an invitee-only winter pool party for TikTok-community -> u name it! (or ask us)

3) Experiment broadly and scale what works

Write a simple brief with enough room for necessary creative freedom. Make sure that influencers understand goal of this campaign. Invite X amount of influencers to join and see what works, what not. Scale well performing "organic" assets to your paid media campaign.

4) Maximize performance with clear incentives

Pay for content creation, but reward for results. Influencers are not immune to lousy work. Build a fee structure that is tied to pre-defined key metrics and see results skyrocketing.

5) Think content usability and overall value

Influencers are masters in creating content that feel more personal and less like an advertisement. Include broad commercial usage rights at your influencer agreements. Set up A/B tests against your "traditional" ads and see what works.

If you need our help with influencer strategy, campaign coordination or creative work – send a letter to

Bang for the buck – 5 tricks to improve efficiency in TikTok-influencer marketing

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